Ultimate Travel Challenge

I love to travel, so it was no surprise when a while back I instantly clicked on an article on POPSUGAR called the 2017’s Ultimate Travel Challenge. I’ve read a lot of articles about must see locations and trips that everyone should try but I thought this one was particularly good.


This article sets some pretty solid goals for travel that are attainable and personalized. I continue to go back to it as I plan more trips for the rest of the year. I think traveling means something different for every person and this challenge is inclusive to all styles from back packers to people looking for that luxury vacation. For me, travel is so much more than checking off those bucket list locations and monuments. I enjoyed how this list really focuses more on creating an experience and making memories.


Of the 31 challenges they provide, I have completed 17 so far this year. The next two i’m hoping to complete are to visit a place from a book you love and to take a trip with your best friend.

Let me know your thoughts! What challenge would you take on first?



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