Do Heels Really Make a Difference?

I love heels but wearing them for 8+ hours can be rough! I have always felt that I hold myself differently when I wear heels and I like to think that I look more confident and professional when I wear them but does it actually make a difference? I wore heels and flats through out the last couple weeks and I asked around my workplace to see what people thought.

Now I will say at 5’7″ I am fairly tall for a girl and have had a history of being incredibly shy. These two facts make wearing heels even more daunting. When I wear heels I hold myself confidently and I am tall. I demand attention. It’s so unnatural to me but I think i’m getting used to it and I think I actually like it?!?!?! Mind blowing. I never thought I would say that. Now the fact that i’m beginning to enjoy wearing heels is really all that matters so I will continue to do so because it makes me happy. BUT….What does everyone else think.

I took a bit of a poll at work and was very mindful of how people reacted to what I wore and how other people conducted conversation with me. Three weeks in a fast paced hospitality position and starting my new position in a management role I discovered a couple of things.

First thing I was enormously thankful for was that everyone reacted very positively to the image I set out and commented that I had style but was still professional. They said I look the part and they could tell I was going to do well. Maybe they were just saying that to be nice….but OMG how nice. Let me take a moment to brag but I think i’m killing it…I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

I have also had people tell me that I seem older than I am. I take this as a huge compliment because while I look 23 they can tell from how I hold myself and conduct myself that I am knowledgeable. My biggest concern in being a manager was that I would be managing people who were almost twice my age and I need them to feel comfortable coming to me. I think what I was most afraid of was that people would perceive my youth as a lack of knowledge and experience.

That has not been the case. And quiet frankly wearing high heels and dressing the part doesn’t make a huge difference overall. It is truly the quality of the work you put out. For me, I think by dressing the part I am putting my best foot forward. I want for people to remember me as the professional leader who supported her team 100% and accomplished any goals set in place.

What makes you feel confident and professional?

xx Kathryn

3 Replies to “Do Heels Really Make a Difference?”

  1. I completely agree with you Kathryn, it’s stupid but wearing heels and dressing smart makes a different on how you feel about yourself, and people can feel it too!

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  2. I love heels! (As you can tell) they make me feel so feminine and powerful. But, not everyone will feel this way. Just put your best foot forward and be a strong woman!


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