Discovering Siasconset

Every time I come to Nantucket I am constantly surprised that I keep finding new places to discover. My last day off was a perfect sunny, spring day so I decided to do a little exploring. I headed to the idilic village of ‘Sconset to walk the bluff walk.

The path starts in the center of the small town and takes you along the coast. This part of the island has long been subject to heavy surf and as a result suffers from severe erosion. On this walk you see beautiful houses on your left and steep drop to the beach below on your right.

In the summer I can imagine how this is a popular walk but this day I had the path essentially to myself. I was able to take my time and take pictures. I stop and enjoyed the view and didn’t feel guilty as I gawked at the beautiful houses. I may or may not have peeked in the windows…I mean how could you not? They are right in front of you and the interiors of these massive houses are gorgeous! If my parents were with me my mom and I would look in all the windows and take  design tips while my dad insisted we shouldn’t and walked ahead.

I was also amazed at all of the winding staircases that were constructed along this route. I suppose it makes sense. If you have an ocean front home how can you not have access to the beach? As you walk along you will see small gates that say “Private Property” and as you look down you will see a variety of staircases bringing you down to the beach. Some look brand new, others rickety and dangerous, and others look like they are part of the bluff.

As you continue to walk you notice how the path continues to narrow until you come to a post telling you that the path ends here. Due to erosion the rest of the original path is gone. Instead you are directed through a garden and onto a road where you finish the last 1/2 mile to Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

Finally you come to the beautiful light house. What is it about light houses? I don’t know why I find them so fascinating but there is something so nostalgic and comforting about them. They always remind me of my summers as a kid. So needless to say I loved doing this walk. It was just what I needed after a busy week.

I think i’ll be taking the time to visit ‘Sconset a lot more this summer but this little adventure also reminded me that I need to continue to explore this beautiful island I get to call home for the summer!

xx Kathryn


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