Happy Birthday To Me!!

Another year done. I think I am ready for 24….It could be worse. I could be my best friend Kathy (my college random roommate who has the same birthday  as me) turning 25 😉 Love you Kath ❤

But in all seriousness I feel like this year is going to be a good one for me. I am surrounded by good friends and family and love. I think for the first time, in a long time, I am in a really good place. As uncertain as everything is at this time, I’m feeling so positive. I see only good things in the future. A new challenging job, a lot of travel, and some new motivation to push myself to grow even more.

23 was a great year and I only see 24 as being better. Below I have a bunch of pictures from some of my favorite moments of this past year 🙂

1128151909 0808161617 0726161626b 0725160937 0717162355e 0711162017_HDR 0711161955_HDR 0711161953 0704161430d 0703162010 0623162003a 0615161345a 0611161958e_HDR 0611161958a_HDR 0606161742a 0528161559a 0526161222c



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