Welcome to Positively Kathryn

Hello All!

Im writing a blog!! Obviously…and here are a few things you need to know. I am creating this to be a positive space. I will be honest without being mean. I want this to be an area for spreading good news and good intentions.

I am going to endeavor to share all the best information I can about fashion, aka finally figuring out a personal style. Has anyone else gone to school where they have to wear uniforms?? Seriously I’m years behind in understanding style but come on this journey with me.

I will also share as much beauty advice as I can. I am a lover of all things beauty! Nails, makeup, hair…I’m constantly trying new things and will be sure to share my thoughts with you. I will say that a lot of the upcoming posts will probably be regarding skin care because thats where it all starts. I am a firm believer that you need to start with a good canvas. If you can have a clear complexion you can skip the foundation step and spend that time sleeping in right? Maybe not but I’m all for keeping things as simple as possible.

This year I have decided will be a year that I will be continually trying new things. I want to make a goal for myself of trying something new every week.  This can be something as small as trying a new recipe to going to a new place or just doing something out of my comfort zone. The most exciting times in my life have been when i’m experiencing something new, so why can’t that be all the time? Be sure to check back every Sunday at 5pm to see what new things I have been up to!

Come back and check my progress! I think we can be friends. I think we can relate. Does anyone else consider themselves a coffee snob? Anybody enjoy a good glass of wine with friends or a well made cocktail? I can’t be the only one that spends too much time on Pinterest and Instagram? I’m not the only adult that misses nap time or still enjoys a good disney movie every now and then?

I’m also a young 20 something eagerly trying to move up in my career but i’m young so its time for the necessary grunt work. How do I cope with the annoying job that I took that is far far away from home? I’ve made some good friends who i’m able to share my love of reading (Harry Potter), who also love trying out new recipes (different ways of making ramen) , and also enjoying getting out and trying new things. Everything can be a good opportunity if you make it so, so lets spread some positivity!

xx Kathryn


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