4 Things That Happen on the First Nice Day of the Year


Yesterday we had our first truly beautiful day. 70+ degrees in Boston in March! YES!! Knowing it was going to be a beautiful day I decided I was going to go in town and wander around and boy the city did not disappoint. It was absolutely idilic. I sat in the Boston Public Gardens and enjoyed the warm breeze while listening to the music from the various people playing instruments throughout the park. There was even a couple dancing in the park it was just so cute! I thought that only happened in the movies. My afternoon consisted of a lot of people watching and got me thinking of all the things that happen and change when we get that first nice day.

Everyone is Outside

I think its safe to say that to a certain extent we all hibernate during the winter. For me, after the quintessential snow covered glittery christmas nights and the magic of the season is over I am over winter. On the first nice day of the year everyone is excited to be outside again and so they are…Running, walking, eating outside, sitting in a park, laying in the grass. Who wouldn’t want to catch a many rays as possible before the temperature drops again.


Iced Everything

Forget pumpkin spice anything and any kind of hot beverage. The first nice day means that it is time to switch to iced lattes, iced teas, and other colorful frozen drinks. For me this means that I waited in line at Starbucks for a venti ice green tea with extra lemon because darn that is refreshing! Days like this make you want to go get ice cream and walk on beach. Or sit around a fire pit with mojitos or margaritas with friends…Gosh i’m ready for summer!



People are Nicer

My goodness who knew people could be so happy! Maybe its just because in winter we are rushing to escape the cold and get to our destination as quickly as possible. Maybe its seasonal affective disorder or maybe people are actually just miserable…Regardless the first nice day people are outside and appreciating the warmth. They take the time to sit outside and relax and smile. I think the suddenness of the change from cold to warm weather is so extreme that people can’t help but take note and appreciate.

Sandals and Shorts Everywhere

One nice day and everyone starts to shed the layers. So many sandals and shorts and dresses. Everyone trying to show a little skin maybe even get a little color. It is a quick reminder that we need to start switching out our wardrobes and bringing our the lighter layers. Our fashion choices on this day also act as a reminder that even in March the sun is still strong and our delicate skin that hasn’t seen the light of day in months is not accustomed to its warmth. So in addition to shopping for new items of clothes we are need to pick up some sunscreen and probably so aloe because yes you got a little burnt spending your day out in the sun.

What is your ideal way to spend the first nice day? I have to say I was very happy with my choice and am ready for another equally nice day but alas it is raining today 😦

Regardless yesterday was a lovely reminder that spring is finally coming.

xx Kathryn


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