Lemon Cool Whip Cookies

This is it guys. This is the new go to dessert that I will be bringing to every upcoming occasion. You know how at every gathering there is always one items that goes instantly, that everyone raves about and needs the recipe for? Well this will be it! Need to impress someone? Make Lemon Cool Whip Cookies? Feel like baking? Make Lemon Cool Whip Cookies! Can barely boil water but need to bake something for a party? Make Lemon Cool Whip Cookies!!

I promise this is the easiest recipes with only 4 ingredients that you can’t mess up. No measuring and no fuss and a wonderful soft, chewy, tangy cookie as the result!


  • 1 Box Lemon Cake Mix
  • 1 8oz Container of Cool Whip (or the generic version)
  • 1 egg
  • Powdered Sugar

For this recipe, you will first want to beat the Cool Whip and Egg together in a large mixing bowl. Once it is combined, add the cake mix. I recommend adding it in slowly and mixing it together in batches. This mixture will become very thick and sticky. Once it is all added be sure to scrape the edges with a spatula to make sure it is well combined.


Because this is such a sticky mixture, I recommend putting it in the refrigerator or at least a half hour before forming the cookies. This will cool it down and make it easier to work with. But if you just can’t wait to try this delicious treat move right on to the next step!



You will want to form the mixture into small balls and roll them in the powdered sugar. Again this is a super STICKY dough so I find using two spoons to grab the dough and drop it into a small bowl of powdered sugar. Once you cover the dough in sugar it will be a lot easier to work with and to form into a ball. Make sure they have a good coating because this will create the beautiful crackle coating. Again, this is a very sticky mixture so be sure you grease your baking sheet or line them with parchment paper. Once you have filled your cookie sheet pop them in the oven for 8-10 min at 350 degrees.

And Voila! Delicious lemon cool whip cookies that will impress anyone! I am a big fan of the tangy lemon flavor but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for any of the other box cake mixes! Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry the possibilities are endless!!

I hope you enjoy!

xx Kathryn

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