Vacation Packing Tips

For the next two months, i’m basically living out a suitcase as I will be moving around so much. A lot of what I will be doing will be little trips here and there that require me to pack a suitcase. I always find packing such a pain! The only thing worse than packing is unpacking which is why you can be sure that even if i’ve been home for a week my suitcase will still be open at the end of my bed half packed/half laundry…As i’m going through this packing and unpacking process a number of times, I thought I would share my tips with you to make packing a little less stressful.

My boyfriend and I booked a last minute cruise to the Bahamas for four days so this is what i’m packing for in the below pictures. We decided we would share one suitcase and bring one carry-on bag each which works perfectly for us!

1.) Make a List

I am a huge fan of lists for everything in life but especially packing. I find it is the best way for me to get organized and think of how many clothes I will realistically need. How many formal outfits? How many casual? Are you doing anything that requires specific clothing (i.e.  bathing suit, ski jacket, hiking boots…) I like this list to be inclusive of everything and is something that you can work on ahead of time. Before you are about to head out the door take a look at your list and make sure you didn’t miss anything.


2.) Lay Everything Out

I tend to be very visual so laying all my clothes out is a must for me. It is a great way to see just how many items you are bringing and if you have any duplicates. This is also a great way for you to see what different combinations you can pair together.


3.) Be realistic

As much as you would like to be glamorous and wear nothing but dresses and heels is that really realistic? Think about what you wear during your day to day life and don’t stray too far from that. I will never forget going away with my parents to Italy and bringing a lot of nice dressy clothes only to wear my one pair of jeans and sweater the whole trip. If you are going on a beach vacation keep it cool and comfortable. If your touring a city put away the heels and always opt for the comfortable shoes. For this cruise, I am keeping it very comfortable with sundresses and heels for the more formal dinners at night.

4.) Take Away What You Don’t Need

After you have laid everything out, really take a look at what you plan on bringing and again try to streamline it. Apply Chanel’s advice about accessories to packing; “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”. Ask yourself if you have to have it, and if you don’t then leave it at home. For me, this meant taking away the extra pair of shorts a just in case dress, and t-shirt. Knowing me, I will wear my favorite cutoffs and blank tank every day. Even if there is room in your suitcase, keep your packing simple. Plus, if your a shopper like me you can be sure it will be full for your return trip 😉

5.) Think About How you Pack Your Suitcase

Im sure many of you have heard it before, but try rolling your clothes in order to save space. I always do this with my shirts and loungewear as it really does work. I also like to pack like items together. All pajamas, all shirts, all pants and so on…It will make finding everything you need easier and makes living out of a suitcase more tolerable. I also recommend packing any liquids at the bottom of your suitcase. This is great just incase anything spills so it wont ruin too many of your items.

I hope some of you found these tips helpful! What are your best packing tips?

xx Kathryn

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