Am I a Perfectionist?

So I feel like having a bit of a ramble because I have been thinking a lot about this blog and I have some things I need to get off my chest. IM DOUBTING MY ABILITY TO WRITE A BLOG!!!! there I said it! I admit it! I’m having early blog jitters and I feel like a fake! I want each post to be utter perfection and I am so far from that because I just started this DUH!

I don’t know that I can genuinely consider myself a perfectionist….I mean nothing is perfect right? If I waited to publish a post until it was perfect then there wouldn’t be anything on my site. I am definitely that person that has very high expectations for themselves. I can get a little competitive with myself. I want to constantly see improvement and will constantly challenge myself. It makes me very stubborn, which makes me frustrated, which makes me impatient because I know I am capable of creating a kick ass blog but I have to keep putting in the time to learn and get there!…wherever there is….

Ok freak out over positive thoughts ahead! I started this blog because I am literally obsessed with reading blogs and watching Youtube. I think the amount of creativity out there is incredible and I love how people are able to express themselves on so many different platforms. I have been loyally following some people for years now and have seen how their platforms and brands have grown and developed. So with all the crazy changes in the recent months, and knowing there are exciting things ahead, I figured why can’t I do the same and take people on the journey with me? So I started the blog but now I feel kinda stuck….

I suppose I don’t have a real goal for this blog, just that I want a creative outlet and something I can maintain throughout all my movement in the coming year.  I’m just worried that it is becoming too cliche and so much like a lot of other blogs. I don’t want to say the same thing as everyone else. I want to have my own voice. I suppose that is, again, something I will have to patiently nurture over time. I also don’t know what I want this blog to focus on. I love beauty so I should talk about it but everyone is talking about it so how do I say something different? I love traveling but like many other people there is a financial constraint that comes with traveling; so I can’t devote an entire blog to travel that may only occur a couple times a year. I love to cook but in the trying out new recipes not necessarily creating my own kind of way. I love to eat but have no clout to offer my opinion on what makes a particular dish truly exceptional.

I’m sure every other blogger has felt this during their own blogging journey but how did they push through it? I loved developing this and love the challenge of constantly creating something new so I need to keep working. Obviously I just started this darn thing so I know it can’t be at that amazing professional level that I see everywhere else. I know that this year my resolutions included working on myself and doing things to make myself healthier, smarter, and stronger. So I will continue to write what I know and what I like and figure everything out as I go.

Ok ramble over. Any other bloggers newbies or veterans ever experience the same thing??

xx Kathryn

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