Hell Yeah I Love to Read!!!

I can’t say that I have always loved to read. When I was a kid reading was the toughest thing for me and such a chore. Luckily I inherited my grandmothers stubbornness, and when my mom told me I couldn’t read Harry Potter because I wouldn’t finish it I was determined to prove her wrong. Boy did I ever. I devoured that first book and I read the next one even faster. That was my first time experiencing the heart ache of finishing a book and wanting more and the agony of having to wait until the next one comes out.

From that point on I was hooked. I read and read and read and loved getting sucked into a whole new world. I fell in love with characters and got angry at the authors for the choices they made for them. I flew through Nancy Drew Mysteries, was hooked by the quirkiness of Anne of Green Gables, entranced by The Giver, and perplexed by A Wrinkle in Time. I could not get enough. As time went on I continued to love to read but could no longer read for enjoyment and instead had to read for school. Once school and college was over I continued to read for enjoyment but have recently been in such a funk. I keep reading books but I haven’t gotten sucked in like I used to. I would read before bed but it seemed like a chore and I just wanted another good story I could fall in love with again.

I had the best luck this past month!! I read two books that I really enjoyed and I got my mojo back! Yeah Baby Yeah!!!!

The first book that I read was called the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It had its fantastical elements but the characters were wonderful and I loved how the book was organized. You are exposed to a variety of characters all with their unique and special talents. Each chapter starts off with a date and as you read you see how time passes. At the end of the book it all comes together so well and you wish it would just keep on going!

The next book is one I can see myself reading again and again in the years to come. Wild by Cheryl Strayed was inspirational. I loved reading her tale of her hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and admired her courage and tenacity. I think we all go through hardship and journeys in our life and her story was so inspiring. You can easily relate to fragments of her story and as you read it you become motivated to tackle your own obstacles in your life. She is a badass and a babe. Thank you Cheryl!

I am once again feeling the void of having finished a great book and looking for something to read next. Can anyone recommend any great read??

XX Kathryn

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