What’s in my Handbag

I feel like I have to brag a little because I’ve finally been able to downsize and stream line what I keep in my handbag. Like many other ladies out there, I am guilty of stuffing my purse with a lot of stuff and just opting to go for a bigger bag versus downsizing. I finally realized after switching to a small bag that I can actually live without a majority of the stuff I was toting around. For all those woman out there who have a handbag that could rival Mary Poppins I understand the convenience of carrying everything with you…and the back and shoulder pain that comes along with it. It can be tough to go from a large tote to a small bag but I have seriously been enjoying it! The main part of what makes this so enjoyable is the gorgeous bag that I am now using.

I picked up this Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC this winter in a sale at Nordstrom and I have been obsessed. It is simple and classic but still has some fun details. The chain and tassels definitely make it a bit more youthful and fun but also gives a bit of an edge. I feel like I can wear this bag with my most casual and elegant outfits and it works perfectly.

Now lets get into what I have in the bag….

First things first, my lovely Kate Spade wallet…sigh…Its just so pretty! This was another sale purchase, what can I say I love a good deal. This is a great size wallet for this handbag and has plenty of space for all the essential card, cash, coins that otherwise would be left at the bottom of the bag.

You will also see that I have a little Moleskin Notebook and Pen. As I have mentioned before I am a big fan of lists and love to be prepared to write them on the go. I always find it so handy to have a pen and paper its just practical. I definitely have used random receipts and napkins to write my number or directions or random bits of info and that just isn’t classy.

Like most other women, I always like to carry a lipstick and a lip gloss. The lipstick is Rimmel Moisture Renew in the shade Nude and the City which is that sought after your lips but better shade. I also care L’Oreal Color Riche lip gloss in Rich Pink. Years ago my mom bought this for herself but when the shade didn’t suit her she passed it on to me. I have since repurchased it at least 4 times…It just works ok.

Finally, to the more random bits in my wallet. I have a book of stamps because i’m old school and still like to send letters occasionally. Which reminds me I need to write a thank you note….we will put that on the to do list…Moving on. I also carry a packet of Emergen-C. I swear by this stuff. If I ever start to feel sick or even just have a headache or the hangover is getting bad then I mix this into water and start to feel better. Who knows if it is actually working or if it is a placebo effect but either way I continue to carry it with me.

What do random things do you always keep in your bag??

xx Kathryn

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