Going Back to ACK!

I’m going back to ACK!…For those of you who know what this means you can understand my excitement and for those who don’t know let me explain.

ACK is the affectionate nickname for Nantucket from its airport call sign. Nantucket is a small island 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts and it is like a second home for me….or maybe just home. This tiny island was once the hub of the whaling trade and since has become a major tourist destination. Tourists aside, there are people that come to this island every year to work or vacation and quickly learn that it is a slice of heaven that they keep coming back to. I have happily sunk into this wormhole.

My first summer on Nantucket was after my freshman year of college. I came out to work in a hotel after hearing such great stories from my cousins who spent there summer working there and have since called it home. I worked my butt off between two jobs, to afford the high cost of living, but had the most amazing time. I met such wonderful people and learned so much that I was determined to come back again. Fast forward three years and I graduated college and was doing another summer! I worked hard and partied hard and had the most amazing time. I met my now boyfriend on the island and ever since we left we knew we needed to go back.

I am so happy that in just 1 week I will be back on this beautiful island where I will be working an amazing job with great friends. Now I know this summer will be super busy and work will be crazy but I cannot stop but think of all the wonderful things that Nantucket has to offer!

 Bike rides to the beach, morning coffee at The Bean, fireworks on the fourth, sunsets at 40th Pole, ice cream by the harbor, days at Fisherman’s Beach, walks to light houses, Shopping on Main St, beautiful grey shingles houses, lunch at Millies, late night beach bonfires, food shopping at Bartlett Farms, dancing at the chicken box, burgers at Lola, exploring all the conservation land, afternoons at Cisco Brewery, walking in town and seeing people you know…The list could go on forever. It’s just the best and I feel lucky to be going back for my third summer.  I’m so excited for the lifestyle. I will work hard but I will feel accomplished and happy to be constantly learning for all the people I will meet. This beautiful island has a way of changing you…I’m excited to see what this summer will bring!

What is your happy place?

xx Kathryn

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