Morning Makeup

I don’t know what to call this post. I feel like it should be called My Everyday Makeup Routine but that just wouldn’t be honest. I’m going to talk about how I put on makeup in the morning but I can hardly call it a routine. I love makeup and pampering myself in the morning by taking the time to apply makeup, but there is one thing I love more. SLEEP! If I were to say that I get up everyday and put on a perfect yet easy face of makeup that would be a lie. My objective in putting on makeup before work is essentially to make myself presentable. If I have time then I will absolutely go through all the steps I’ll even prime and powder! But those mornings that i’m running late then its definitely just mascara and concealer. So basically i’m talking about the makeup items that I regularly put on my face…it’s not glamorous but this is real life we are talking about.

First things first. I cannot leave the house with out mascara; I feel naked without it. I have really been enjoying the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara it is just so easy. The next most important step for me is concealer because dark circles. I like using BB creams or foundation to even my skin tone but am still looking for a great foundation for this summer (recommendations are welcome!). After the essentials I like to add blush and bronzer to give life to my pale skin. The last things I will do if I have time is add a little eyeliner to make my eyes really stand out and fill in my eyebrows….to be honest the eyebrows are rarely being done these days.

I have picked up a couple of new things for this summer that I have been trying out and loving on a day to day basis. This Elf Matte Eye Shadow Palette has been great. I pop the two lightest colors all over my lid and use some of the medium shades in my crease to add a little dimension. Easy peasy and it makes a great difference.  Another recent love has been this Revlon Matte lip stain. This color is super bright but I blend a little bit in all over my lips and the color lasts great through out a long work day so all I need to do to touch up is maybe apply a little lip gloss after lunch. Finally, I have also enjoyed using the highlight shade in the L’Oreal Pro-Contour Palette. It adds a very subtle shine and not like i’ve been galavanting with fairies and unicorns…I don’t know thats just what I think of when I think of me using highlighter.

What beauty steps are a must before you head out for the day?

xx Kathryn

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