Lets Talk Dry Skin

Lets get serious and talk skin care because enough is enough. My name is Kathryn and I can’t control my dry skin. Now that I have accepted the situation lets get into it and figure it out!

Tis the season for dry skin and boy am I suffering from it. I shouldn’t be surprised because every year at some point in the winter my skin goes from perfectly fine to dry and flaky and irritated. For whatever reason though this winter has been the worst on my skin! I must say that in recent months I have not been very consistent with my skin and it has definitely suffered.

In my renewed effort to resolve some of my issues with my skin I returned to some old favorite products and have found some new products i’m loving as well.0204161544c

Lets start with the tried and true! The Origins Drink Up Mask has been in my collection for a long time and it such a nice product. I use this once or twice a week after I shower and after I have cleansed my skin. I let this soak in for 10 or more minutes and when you take it off your skin instantly feels more soft and supple and rejuvenated.

Another Favorite is the Avene Thermal Spring Water. I will describe this product in one word refreshing. You use this and you can almost hear your skin say aahh. I like to get the travel size version and just keep it in my hand bag and I use it as necessary. This is also a major travel essential. I’m serious don’t go on a plane with out it!

Now lets move on to the new goodies. The Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm has been revolutionary to my routine. I will say that everyone may not like this product. It is a balm and it does feel quiet oily as you work it into your skin which used to freak me out because having acne as a teenager made me fearful of oil. To anyone that has that same fear you need to get over it and embrace the oil! Do some research and you will open up to it I promise. I love this product because it feels luxurious! I love the routine of working it into my skin and my skin does feel clean after. My biggest issue with cleansing balms in the past has always been that I never felt that the product actually cleaned my skin but Clinique is doing the trick!

Finally, there is the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Nourish Night Cream. I like this product. I won’t say love because I still think I can find better but it is helping. I love how this feels when you put it on. With my dry skin I’ve been getting a lot of irritation and this cream is definitely calming but I want to find something that is equally calming but even more moisturizing.

When I wake up in the morning my skin still feels like it needs an extra oomph so I think it may be time to start looking for any additional moisturizing oil of some kind. I like the idea of layering products so I think its time to do a little bit more shopping. In the mean time I will keep drinking water and doing some research. Please come back for more updates on new additions to my skincare routine!

xx Kathryn

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