Travel, Shopping and Getting Lost in a Book Store

This week has been very busy! It started with an early morning flight down to Tampa where I am visiting my boyfriend and his family. My days have been spent exploring the area and enjoying the beautiful weather. So here are a few reflections from past week

1.) Flying JetBlue to Florida: Since I am no longer in college the thought of spring break did not come across my mind when I booked my flight to Florida for Mid March. I could not believe the amount of people trying to get through security at 5am in the morning! So thank you JetBlue for making boarding so easy and getting the flight off on time and getting us to our destination early. You made an anxious flyers day!

2.) Exploring Florida’s Beaches: Having grown up near the ocean all my life I was thrilled at a chance to get in the water,and in March no less! I am a horrible blogger in that I do not remember the name of the beach in the picture above but I can say Siesta Key and Coquina beach did not disappoint! Beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water! To the horror of many native Floridians, I went for a swim in the gorgeous cool water while they watched insisting it was freezing. To me there is nothing better than a swim in the ocean and i’m convinced the salt water can cure anything!

3.) Shopping: I have mentioned in a previous post that I am on the hunt for pieces to expand my workwear wardrobe and I have definitely accomplished that goal. A quick stop at the Ellenton Premium Outlets turned into a full on shopping spree. J. Crew had a 50% of sale so how could I not! I even got a pleated skirt and sleeveless jacket I’ve been longing for, along with a few other pieces.

4.) Flee Market Finds: At the urging of my boyfriends mother we headed over to the Red Barn in Bradenton Florida. This was basically a massive building filled with different vendors selling everything you can imagine. Many people were impressed by the jewelry and clothing but I got lost in the most beautiful corner with hundreds of books. Nothing excites me more than the smell of books and hunting for a new read! I thoughtfully chose three books from my large pile and walked away with The Sun Also Rises by Ernest HemingwayWild by Cheryl Strayed, and The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

5.) Finally a special thanks to Claritin-D for helping me with my allergies. This might seem really odd to add, but I have bad allergies and those with allergies will understand. Between all the pollen and the cat and dog that is in the house we are staying at, I was struggling until we me a lovely pharmacist at CVS who got me the nasal decongestant I needed to really enjoy my time down here.

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