Last Minute Packing, Shopping ,and New Discoveries

This week has been a bit of a hectic one! It was my last week in Upstate New York before heading out to Nantucket and has consisted of a lot of packing and cleaning. In between all that though, I was able to go out to do a bit of shopping and catch up with friends before leaving the place that I called home for the last year and a half. So here is a little round up of the week.

  1. Packing: I’m so sick of it lol. My biggest tip that I can offer anyone that is moving is to just get rid of as much stuff as you can. This will help you drastically decrease the amount of things you need to pack. In addition, you will realize that you have a lot of stuff which you either do not need or no longer used that can be donated to someone else or sold to go towards something new for your next place. When ever I do a clear out i’m always stunned by the amount of crap I accumulate! Note to self live simply.
  2. Shopping: Now that i’ve told you to live simply and don’t accumulate things you dont need let me tell you about the shopping i’ve done! I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts but with this new move and new job I found myself needing a new wardrobe filled with buisness appropriate outfits. I was able to pick up some great shoes from DSW that I think will really polish off some of the looks I want to go for this summer.targetbeauty
  3. Target Beauty: I haven’t been to a target in ages so when I came across one in my travels I new I had to go in. I remember shopping their beauty isles in college but OMG so much has changed and they offer so much more than I remember! I happily came away with a matte ELF eyeshadow pallet along with a few bits from L’Oreal, Revlon, and Wet and Wild. Expect a post on all those soon to come 😉
  4. Breakfast: I am so proud of myself for stepping up my breakfast game. Normally breakfast for me means coffee and maybe oatmeal (by that I mean the instant full of sugar kind not the cute overnight oat pinterest kind). Coffee is always first, but i’ve also been drinking more water and making eggs and avocado on toast. I have had so much more energy just by changing this part of my routine and i’m loving it!
  5. avocado
  6. Spotify: I’m having a real moment with Spotify lately. I have it on constantly while im cleaning and cooking and such and have found some great new tunes. The ones that has been on repeat has been Messin’ Around by Pitbull, Chronic by Pheobe Ryan, and Our Own House by MisterWives…Yes my taste in music is extremely varied.

What have you all been up to this week?

xx Kathryn

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