Starting a New Job

New beginnings are always a little scary. First day of school. First day of college. First day of an internship. First day at a new job!!!

I always get butterflies when starting or trying something new. I mean who doesn’t right?…I’m super jealous of those naturally confident people who are just charming and everything seems so easy to them. As for me i’m more of a fake it ’til you make it kinda girl. Does that sound bad? What i’m trying to say is that if you are literally freaking out you probably won’t make a good first impression so your better being calm and composed and act like you know exactly what your doing…


(I’m such a sucker for cute stationary and my coworkers loved it! Yay for making friends)

So here are a few things that have always helped me on a first day.

Plan your outfit. Wear something you have worm before that you know is cute and comfortable that you feel confident in! There is nothing worse than constantly adjusting your outfit and feeling self conscious.


Remember your co workers names. This is always my first goal at a new job. You are bound to have plenty of questions over the coming weeks so best start remembering peoples names so you know who to call when you need their help. I have always found using a persons name creates more of an immediate connection.


Relax. You will not know everything in one day so don’t be disappointed in yourself. You were interviewed and compared to other applicants and you were chosen. Your boss has faith that you are the perfect person for the job so don’t worry. You got this!!

xx Kathryn

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